Hands-Free Control



    Hands-Free Control™ will also automatically and continually calibrate to the current ambient noise in your environment to filter out noise from speech.  If you have trouble with your iPhone recognizing when you say the keyword you can adjust the sensitivity to the keyword in the settings.  If you unintentionally activate Siri at any time, simply say “shutdown,” “bye,” or “goodbye” and it will quickly exit.

    Hands-Free Control™ is now available on Cydia!

Always On!

Contact info@handsfreecontrol.com for more info.

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Update 4.0 Now Available!

    The answer for your truly hands-free iPhone, iPad, or iPod control is here!  Once enabled, Hands-Free Control™ is always listening to you in a low-power standby mode.  There is no setup or voice training required!  Just install and it is immediately running and fully functional.  Once it hears you speak the keyword “Siri,” Siri will be activated without pressing any buttons and then wait for further input.  It works great with headphones and bluetooth headsets!